Tharsys - Lyrics - Mortal

  1. Enter
  2. In Rememberance of what Remains
  3. Transitory Solitude
  4. Sanctuary Suicide
  5. She and the River
  6. Mortal
  7. (The Lethal) Greisenhaupt
  8. Deliverance
  9. (E)nde... near death experience
  10. Hypnotized
Sometimes, just when I´m closing my eyes, I think about this life. For what is it good for and what will be after this pitiable existence. Could there be a higher level, a new dimension, or will we disappear and fade away without leaving any trace. Is it worth it to strife for anything that will remain and remind further generations? Maybe there will be "nothing". But can you really imagine "nothing"? Life is such an ego-perspective movie and everyone feels like he is playing the lead. But can you change your fate, or is it a supernatural being, who pulls our strings and draws our destiny? In fact, humanity was, is and will be mortal!
In Rememberance of what Remains

As I turn my head - I feel no regrets
For the life that I lived in the past
I won´t think back - Until I´m dead
In rememberance of what remains
As I close my eyes - I will scream no cries
Cause I´m not scarred for to die
As my spirit rise - There will stay no lie
In rememberance of what remains

He tried to make it right
And fought an inner fight
He can´t escape his destiny
Never tried for real
He was fallen into a reverie
And it was so hard to see
That his dreams are better than his life
He doesn´t care about

My ship keeps on sailing the seas of my life
Have you ever been as truthful as I
Pages are turning and years passing bye
Have you ever been as truthful as I
Down, down, deep down inside
Have you ever been as truthful as I
Down, down, deep down inside
My feelings are rushing, my soul keeps on freezing

Transitory Solitude

Destiny has nothing good to show
But is suicide the only way to go?
A one-way ticket out of life
To step on to the other side
So many problems by your side
Can´t let you smile as bright
As it could be if you´re in joy
Like a depression driven toy

I hear you screaming: Why?!
What matters? - Start to cry!

Wird es aus dem Nichts entstehen
Als ein Gefühl im Rausch der Zeit?
Kann es in der Finsternis bestehen
Geboren aus Verletzlichkeit?
Der Traum entstand aus Utopie
Doch ist er Grund genug zu leben
Als Zeugnis unserer Phantasie
Aus dem "Ich" ins "Wir" zu streben

Sanctuary Suicide

I´m digging deep into this - musty earth
To find my final freedom - hope it would last
Six feet under I will - lay me down
Eternal silence surrounded - by holy ground

And I try - to cut my life and pass the line
To find my endless peace of mind
And I die, I die, I die
And I try - to overflow my soul into the light
Sanctuary suicide
And I die, I die, I die

A strange decision to heal - my painful wounds
A sanctuary to rest - within no sound
I lay me deep into this - silent grave
Peace until the end of - the end of all days

She and the River

Grey morning vailed in twilight
To heaven she strifes
All clouds leaving the sky
Off haze she will rise
Today she drowns her life
Her soul will arise
All pain´s leaving her mind
Her body left behind

Tell me what I will see
Is it You who comes with me
Tell me what I will be
Is it true that I´ll be free

The river lays in twilight
Clear water flows
Her breath´s leaving her chest
For the last time, she knows
Deeper into the flood
Slowly she walks
Her tears leaving no trace
With a smile on her face

I drown my life under
Foam on the cold water


I cry, fear the unknown after life
Looking for answers, the reason why we die
Our life, it´s an everlasting strife
We´re building castles of sand drowned in time

Is this the reason why we all die
(Ashes to ashes)And dust to dust
A transitory soul weeps inside
After life and lust
Is this the reason why we all die
Away like flames
This transitory soul weeps inside
Extincted in rain

Mortal, we sacrifice our lifes
Since a million years
Mortal, only our souls will arise
Resurrected fears
Mortal, embraced by a deadly kiss
Obey the call we hear
Mortal, does it lead us to bliss
For eternity

(The Lethal) Greisenhaupt

Since I (was) born
I know he counts my days
It´s so sure that I go to die
All (what) remains
Our memories - they stay
It´s so true that we gonna die

And he cries
His sweet lullabye
He starts to cry before I die... he will cry
Than I die
It´s a lullabye
He gonna cry as I go to die... and I die

Sice you (were) born
(You) know I count your days
It´s so sure that you go to die
All (what) remains
Your memories - they fade
It´s so true that you gonna die

And I cry
My sweet lullabye
I start to cry before you die... I will cry
And You die
It´s a lullabye
I´m gonna cry as you go to die... and you die

And now I feel, my life swifts away
How I feel, I never felt this way
It´s so true, that life fades
And now I feel, my life swifts away
How I feel, I never felt this way
It´s so true, that life fades to waste


Appearing when day gets replaced by night And daylight lost it´s deadly bright Roaming through darkness, spreading our distress If you starving for immortality

We give it to you with babarity A single bite seals it forever The taste of blood resisting never Restlesness the price to pay

Falling to dust by the light of day Like a luch sucking blood out of your vain To quench our bloodthurst, to relate us by blood For a life in pain, for a life in pain

Something between life and death With faces full of deadly distress Striving for relief, never rest Bloodsuckers cursed with living death

(E)nde... near death experience

Forever lost and lonesome, like the moon above the sky
I never wished to change this, ´cause I proof to die
Through vails of deepest darkness, the dust no longer rise
I wish I had a candle, to illuminate my life
Bitter sweet salvation suspended throught the mist
I pretend a weak defense, than I´m tasting the saviour's kiss

Towards to a light I´m strifing
Blinded by the bright, that´s guiding
I stretch my hand to contact
The embodyment of light

Now I´m lost and lonesome, a ray of light in darkest skies
I wish I hadn´t choose this, ´cause I nearly died
The final breath of living, from deep within my lungs
Streaming and delivers my soul to the dying sun
Suddenly life is streaming through my vains again
The light keeps disappearing it was a near death experiment

All my feelings I put them into a cage
And all my sorrows I left them at this place
My deepest memories I freeze them into my heart
And all my wishes ´coming true, my lord


Now as I see you lying like an innocent child
Turned to stone I daze into the beauty of your grace
Delivered to me on angels' wings
The grace of your shape illuminates my life with blessing
All my sorrows surrender to your love
And my devotion becomes so true

She´s so free this night, if she´s lying by his side

Now as you carefully open your eyes in pardon
A quiet blue ocean vails my moanful soul
Touched by your lips the tune of your voice
Arouses the last sentiments of my frozen heart
Every smile so warm it saturates my physics
And eternally I fall for you, my love